IR Technology

Netek supply solutions utilizing gas driven Infrared Technology (IR – Infrared Radiation). Our solutions can be delivered with full ATEX certification and are suitable for a large range of applications regardless of material specification and business line. Constant R&D secures optimum solutions for the various tasks, focusing on key areas such as, reduction of process time, reduced foot print and reduction of emissions. Netek supply solutions, designed according to customer specifications, and manufactured from approved quality components.

The Clean Future

When designing our products we aim at reducing energy consumption and increase productivity, suitable for the customer. The catalytic infrared drying systems are efficient in terms of energy and productivity, compared to traditional drying systems. Improved productivity, lower energy consumption and considerable reduction of CO2, VOC and NOx emissions, are important properties, securing both a profitable investment and an environmental friendly solution.

Speed & Energy

Under the headline “From hours to minutes” the “Jern- og Maskinindustrien” no. 51/2002 tells about the flameless catalytic infrared drying process, which reduces the drying time from several hours to few minutes. At the same time the energy consumption can be reduced between 30 and 90 %. The catalytic IR drying process can be used in almost every situation and with all kind of materials, causing reduced space requirements concerning production- and logistic capacity. Typically the properties of the products are improved significantly concerning e.g. improved adhesion values.