About Us

Company description

Netek started in 1988,  producing machines for the wood industry. Our products are known in most of Europe and we have installed more than 700 machines worldwide. Netek started its development of gas fired Infrared (IR) drying in 2000. In 2003 it was documented and approved via Carl Bro as a project under the Danish Energy department. Netek sells and produces tailor-made solutions to fulfil customers’ needs, as well as standardised IR solutions, which are delivered to customers all over the world. The IR System works with many different kinds of paint and lacquer.

Netek IR System A/S is a company with competences within development and sales of products which use gas driven (gas, LPG) IR (Infrared Radiation) technology. The gas fired IR technology can be used for various kinds of surface treatments within many industries which need drying, curing, heating, de-icing and softening of plastic materials, VOC emission removal and many other purposes.

NOx, CO2 og VOC emissions will be significantly reduced with the gas fired IR technology. In many countries, per legislation, especially VOC’s and NOx emissions are to be kept within certain limits. Some countries have imposed tariffs for NOx emissions, being below the maximum allowable limits. This is a highly motivating factor for many companies who want to reduce those emissions. Not only is it good for the environment, but also beneficial in terms of company resources and expenses.

In comparison to other known methods, there are big savings potential in relation to the process time, energy consumption, space demand, and besides that there will also be significant improvements of the treated surfaces. This is a future investment, which will be beneficial now as well as later.


To ensure that our customers and partners get the optimal IR-based solutions, we continuously update and develop our concepts and products. This ensures that we work as a stabile and profitable business with a realistic growth potential. This will ensure Netek’s position as a preference amongst employees, clients and collaborative partners.