Drying Line

  • Reducing emissions.
  • Reducing needed space.
  • Reducing the drying time
  • Reducing the energy consumption.

You may have heard that Infra Red curing is a better way of curing your painted surfaces. You may already know that the process actually cures the finish from the inside out by driving out all of the solvents and moisture before actual curing occurs.

With the tons of air brought in by traditional convection type oven during the drying cycle the air actually act as an insulator and must also be heated at a very high cost.


Advantages by using Netek GAS CAT IR drying system:

  1. Reducing the space dramatically compared with conventional drying systems (Up to 90% reduction).
  2. Quickly changing time from waterbased to solvent borne lacquer compared with conventional drying systems (app. 5 min.).
  3. Dramatically reduction of emissions (up to 60% reduction).
  4. Quick drying time 60- 80 % reduction compared with conventional drying systems.
  5. Very flexible.
  6. Lacquer saving up to 45 %.
  7. Energi costs reduced with up to 85% compared with electrical IR systems.
  8. Fast installation.
  9. Approved by: Danish Gas Association, Civil Defence Forces and Fire authorities and CE marked.